About Manualww

Manual Woodworkers and Weavers, Inc., privately owned for over 75 years and debt free, is the creator and manufacturer of my-PhotoArt® photo-to-tapestry, canvas art and other photo-to-products. Not only is Manual the leading manufacturer in the United States, but is #1 in the gift industry for home décor.

With dedication and diligence, Manual has sales soaring with my-PhotoArt® quality tapestry products like photo to throw, wallhanging, pillow and tote. Manual hits home with these products because it allows the end consumer to receive or give a gift with their own personal touch.

With photo to canvas products, my-PhotoArt® has perfected the digi-Brush™ Technology which enables the program to efficiently transform favorite photos into beautiful, enduring canvas art that carries the look and feel of a hand-painted oil portrait.

Production & Distribution – Manual’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. My-PhotoArt® production is housed directly within Manual’s manufacturing facility. Sharing Manual’s superior fulfillment systems and distribution services enables my-PhotoArt® to reduce the manufacturing and distribution time period required to expediently fulfill the tapestry and canvas artwork demands.

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